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We are a premium healing and treatment center based in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, which offers fully dedication to innovative, personalised treatment to the person suffering from any kind of Addiction. We strive to provide a committed program to the patient depending on the individual personality and Addiction. We strongly think that Addiction and alcohol are cures to the literate society and can be cured by developing forbearance in the patient. To show the different path other than Addiction to the patient is our way of thinking. Our gentle yet nostalgic approach includes treatment with mind, body, and spirit, creating sufferance against the wish for Addiction with luxurious and peaceful surroundings and a noble program.

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An efficient and responsible rehab center can positively cure the curse of Addiction to help the addict in their struggling life. Yes, sending your loving ones to an unknown place for long treatment is not easy. But be at rest, we have the luxurious environment and individual custom-designed program for each person, for each Addiction. Every person has a different point of view to see through the things and problems. Authorised Rehab center helps patients create self-restraint or complete restraint over Addiction in many ways. Practically it is impossible to cure the Addiction to alcohol or anaesthetics. Thus We gave our patients a treatment with specific medicine to reduce the leverage of addiction bit by bit while maintaining the state of normalcy. However, carving the thirst for drugs or alcohol of Addiction is still there, and this is where therapies and counselling can help the addict to addict off from the Addiction.

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Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol rehab is the process of helping individuals who are suffering from alcohol addiction to live life without alcohol. The ideal alcohol rehab program offers an innovative treatment method that is life-changing, even if it takes more than a few hours of work.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Center

In our Drug Addiction Treatment Center, We are dedicated to treating our limited number of patients at a time. Drug addiction treatment offers help by dealing with the root cause of drug abuse and treating them permanently.

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De Addiction Center

Addiction is a curse, and treatment is a blessing for both patients and their relatives. Addicts often lose control due to regular consumption of harmful substances, and It also affects them severely, making them lose everything and, most importantly, peace from life.

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Gambling Addiction

Gambling is an addiction that can result in ruining one's life! When one gains profit, neurochemicals such as dopamine and serotonin give the sensation of satisfaction, pleasure, which eventually turns into an obsession and that obsession will cost your money forever.

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Day Trading Addiction

During the Lockdown and Pandemic and because of the strong influence of games, Tiktoks, YouTube, Instagram, Many people, even small children, are becoming Prey for Day Trading Addition. And it is not easily cured or instantly removed with some treatment or violence.

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Depression Treatment

It is a common mood disorder that can interfere with a patient's life. The feeling of sadness, anger in a person's everyday life can be a vital reason for no peace in a person's life. Depression treatment should be sought out for those who suffer from the condition.

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In this Digital century of 2021, Gaming is becoming one of the disorders affecting millions of youngsters around the hemisphere, as per the Report of WHO. It varies from country to country, hovering from 1.3% to 9.9% of the country's overall population due to unawareness and shortage of standardised instruments.

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